Well Vintage Agriculture

Well Vintage is partnering with esteemed local companies to develop vertically integrated Cassava Plantations in East Kalimantan, which aims to establish a comprehensive and efficient supply chain for cassava production. This ambitious project, upon completion, will become the largest of its kind worldwide, making a significant impact on the global market for tapioca products. The plantation will cultivate cassava crops on a large scale, and the harvested cassava will be transported to newly constructed, state-of- the-art processing facilities. These facilities will employ advanced technology and modern techniques to efficiently convert the cassava into two products: Tapioca Chips and Tapioca Starch. More than 3000 farmers will be engaged in the production process. They will receive training and support to enhance their skills and knowledge in cassava cultivation. By employing sustainable growing methods, such as responsible land management and the use of organic fertilizers, the project aims to safeguard the environment while ensuring the long-term viability of cassava production.