Trade Finance


Our Export Services solutions can help you focus on growing your export business by offering attractive terms to your existing and potential overseas customers while reducing your risk of non-payment.

We offer export services at competitive rates and you can benefit immediately from our correspondent banking arrangements to secure payments from almost anywhere in the world.

  • LC Advising
  • LC Confirmation
  • Transfer LC
  • Export Collection
  • Export Finance


Well Vintage offers tailored solutions to help you manage your import business while minimising the financial risks of global trading. Our team ensures all safeguards are in place for smooth trade transactions.

  • Import LC
  • Standby LC
  • Back to Back LC
  • Import Collection
  • Avalisation
  • Shipping Guarantee


Payment against presentation of invoices/delivery notes/documentary collection documents.

We offer import financing solutions for open account transactions. These facilities are designed to help you shorten the time between receiving your receipts and payments, enabling you to enjoy greater flexibility to source new suppliers in new markets who may not be willing to extend payment terms.


Guarantees issued by Well Vintage will help your business establish credibility with new suppliers and potential clients. Our expertise is at your disposal to issue all types of guarantees.

We are able to issue all types of guarantees:

  • Tender Bond
  • Advance Payment Bond
  • Performance Bond
  • Avalisation
  • Retention Bond
  • Financial and Payment Guarantee
  • Counter Guarantee
  • Maintenance Guarantee

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