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Global trade is one of the most important cogs in the machine of the global economy. To keep that all in motion, the appropriate financing is required.

Trade finance has become an integral component of modern trade, a crucial element in covering what is commonly known as the trade cycle funding gap. In other words, providing the financial security required for a transaction to take place between any buyer and seller. The global financial crisis has limited the capacity of banks to provide liquidity, with a number of credit lines no longer on offer to businesses around the world.

Well Vintage has built a unique platform to supports its clients and partners requirements. Well Vintage acts for various clients under a consulting arrangement.

Our belief is that trade financing has strong social development potential, compared to any other banking or financial services.



Moreover, as trade and business becomes ever more global, this has a broadening effect on the risks involved in any transaction. In addition to credit risk, there is also a legal risk due to the distance between buyers and sellers, as well as different laws that apply across countries, continents and economic blocs. Access to some of these markets can present challenges to businesses and traders looking to expand their reach.

With years of experience and a global portfolio of work, Well Vintage has positioned itself as a strong partner for its clientele.

We provide the appropriate instruments and solutions in support of your business transactions, tailor-made to suit your needs. The broad spectrum of our services provides leverage and support to our clients’ existing cash flow, and facilitating growth with further expansion.

Well Vintage maintains strong relationships with various Institutions, private wealth, mining and tech-based services. Well Vintage is registered in various locations around the world to support its clientele and if need be issue financial instruments against its balance sheets.

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